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    • DayZ Origins

      News für dich Ra-One :D

      Dear fellow survivors,
      We have good news for you. As a result of popular demand we have added the following features to Origins Guard:
      - Ability to choose whether a body or cross remains after a player dies.
      - Ability to set for how long bodies/crosses remain on the map after a player dies. (From 10 to 240 minutes).
      - Ability to set for how long bodies/crossed remain on Sector B remain after a player dies there. (From 10 to 240 minutes).
    • Dear Origins Mod Fans,
      After a long await and lots of anticipation we are proud to announce that we bring you the new Origins Mod Launcher. The launcher will allow you to stay up to date with the latest patches, join servers, search for servers by name and IP as well as adding your favourite servers to the favourites list to never lose track of them.
      You can download the launcher here:

      Once again, Thank you for supporting us!
      - The Origins Mod Team
    • Dear fellow survivors,
      A new regular update of Origins Guard has been released which will make using the control panel easier.
      1. A setting has been added allowing the language to be changed to English, Russian and German. The setting can be found on the main settings page of the control panel.
      2. Tool tips have been added to practically every setting allowing new users to get acquainted with using the Origins Guard faster and easier.
      3. Some fixes carried out in the design.

      If you have any suggestions post them at our forum.
    • Dear fellow survivors,
      We have great news for you. After numerous requests we have developed a system which logs player deaths on the server. Additional information has been added about the weapon the player has been killed by, if they were killed by a zombie, exploded in a vehicle or died of blood loss.
      Server admins can view the log of players that died on the server (kill list) by entering this command KLIST; in to any game chat field.

      Attention! Kill list are cleared after every server restart.
    • Dear fellow survivors,
      - We have updated the mechanism of death, you will now have a choice: Either return to the lobby or continue playing immediately without returning to the lobby – not having to wait for the game to load and putting less load on the server thus improving performance.
      We have also fixed these issues:
      - Automatic crawling and sprint after waking up from being unconscious or re-joining the game after death.
      - Un-killable pilot in Mi-17 cabin can now be killed.
      - Ability to sleep everywhere after using a ghillie suit.

      And new features added:
      - The effect of being unconscious has been made more interesting. Turn on post process effects in your games video options unless you are playing on very low settings to see the new effects.
      (May reduce FPS!)
      - Ability to quickly choose skin for your type (bandit, hero, survivor) after death using the “Try again“ button.
      Dear fellow survivors,
      As you may already be aware, a new update of Armed Assault 2 has been released yesterday. There are however a few issues in the new update which are currently being worked on by the developers and ArmA 2 community. The main issue is that the new update requires you to download the ACR DLC for ArmA 2 otherwise you receive the following error message when launching the game ‘Addon 'CorePatch' requires addon 'CAAir_ACR_L159'.

      To overcome this issue please follow these steps:
      1) Launch Steam.
      2) Select ‘Library’ and right click on ‘ArmA 2: Operation Arrowhead [beta] and select ‘Properties’.
      3) In the properties window click ‘BETAS’.
      4) In the list box labelled ‘Select the beta you would like to opt in to:’ select ‘NONE – Opt out of all beta programs’, then click the ‘close’ button.
      5) You can now launch Origins Mod as usual and everything will work alright.
      Good luck surviving!
      - The Origins Mod Team